Having worked in higher education for over 15 years, I now know that preparing early for EVERYTHING is critical. One aspect of preparation that is easily overlooked are physicals and immunizations. Every school is different- varied timelines, various requirements, and different expectations. However, these items are still needed. My advice is to not wait until the last minute to make an appointment – you may need more shots or the doctor could be out or any other scenario.

Colleges have to collect this information based on federal government regulations. Think about it- no school wants to have a widespread medical emergency on their campus, so colleges are eager to receive your documents. AND, the medical records will list if you have a health condition; I’ll use my mom as an example. As a child, my mom had scarlet fever; obviously she survived but it scarred her heart. So there are some medications that she simply cannot have. If she were a college student and had a medical situation, then her health records would inform them what NOT to administer.

Why I am talking about this now? It slips through the cracks so easily. This is the perfect time of year to either request your medical records to be sent to the school you plan to attend OR to set up an appointment. Don’t delay! If these documents are not received by your college, then you cannot enroll. And you lose any deposit, fees, anything that had been paid to the school. I don’t want that to be you so prepare now!!

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Good luck!



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