You’ve always heard the statement that no question is a bad question, correct? Well that’s true- you want to have the answer to your questions. But, at times, some questions are better and more appropriate than others. Before stepping foot onto a campus for a visit, do your homework: read any printed materials that you may have and review the website. There may be questions that you can formulate before the tour based on what you read to get clarification or more detailed information.

Below are some standard questions to ask current students, like your tour guide, that allow you to easily compare which school may be the best fit for you (at the end I’ll add a bonus section of one-of-a-kind questions that colleagues and I have received on tours).

  • Why did you decide to attend this college?
  • What are the best features of the school to you?
  • What is one unknown feature of the college that sets you apart from others
  • Do you live on campus? If so, what is it like living here?
  • How was the transition from high school to college?
  • Was this college your first choice?
  • What do you do outside of the classroom or on the weekend?
  • Can you tell me about the career services office?

Bonus questions: These are questions that have been collated over the past 13 years from admissions officials. They are truly designed to stump so they might not be the best questions to ask on your visit.

  1. (Upon seeing a tomb of the founder on campus) Who decided that the founder would be buried on campus and why is it still here?
  2. At what sea level does this college sit?
  3. Exactly how many books are held in the library?
  4. How many days did it rain on campus last year?
  5. How many police are on the force and if we pushed this button, do they come right away?
  6. How hard is it to get an A?

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