Guest Post: Kevin Reese

Choosing a place to stay before, and while you’re in, college can be a difficult decision to make. Residence Halls are a place of living, learning and earning. As a former Residence Hall Director, I have fielded questions from students and parents alike. Just as choosing a university can be a challenge, so can choosing your place to call home for the next few years. Most Colleges and Universities have residency requirements for the first two years and it is my belief that the foundation is set during this time. In addition to giving the student a place to sleep, it also gives the parent/guardian a sense of relief know that all expenses are covered in one package called “Room and Board,” which covers lodging and food expenses. There was even a study done a few years ago that said college students spend 78 percent of their time in the residence hall!

Join me on Thursday as I discuss some of the room configurations and benefits of staying on campus throughout your collegiate career. Until then, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

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