When considering life after high school, take a good look at where you want to land. I definitely advocate for students to attend college because I’ve seen how it propels people to their dreams. But your path to that expected end may not be the most direct route. And there are many options-

  • submitting for early application or early decision
  • “trying out” college by attending part time
  • cost-saving through community college attendance
  • take a year off prior to attendance, also known as a “gap year”
  • heading immediately to a bachelor degree program
  • opting for a combined 5 year program that ends in a masters degree

The key is to plan ahead of time. Notice that no option included waiting until the deadline. Many colleges accept students as they apply so your college of choice may no longer accept additional students if you wait too late. And, if you are not 100% sure of which path is the best for you, weigh your options with your supporters – family, friends, counselors, teachers – who know you well and will share their honest opinion. Most importantly, find the best path for you when deciding what to do after high school!

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