I met Nicole Daniels at a very early age. Since my youth, and she stressed to me the importance of education and the benefits of getting into college. Year after year, she instilled the value of doing well in school and how the road to college wouldn’t be an easy one. Starting my freshman year (in high school), she asked me the career fields I was interested in and told me the possible degrees that would help me pursue those dreams of mine. Sophomore and junior years, she took me on various college tours and discussed admissions procedures with me.

My senior year, she helped me choose from a variety of schools that were interested in me. I had the choice to go anywhere I chose. With Ms. Daniels working in admissions for so many years, it gave me the upper hand, lots of weekends she took me under her wing and showed me the day to day operations of the admissions office. From grades, to attendance, to choosing a major, I had the inside scoop on college. Thanks to her, I attend Midway College, a private school, and am excelling to the best of my abilities.

Sierra M.